Doldrum Dreams

by Couch Jackets

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Here's our first EP, Doldrum Dreams, fresh as a half dozen glazed at 5 am and hot off the press - our studio in Ben's room at the mellow house fit with a top of the line Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro mixing board circa '94 that we bought at Olsen's in Russellville for $60.

We all wanna say a huge thanks to everyone who supports the arts, any form of love, and the pursuit of positivity, i.e. the Jam House Collective, our good friends in tvveeds, Oketo, The Accidentals, DRENCHED, The Rios, the list goes on ~ love you guys.


released April 26, 2016

Hunter Law - Drums
Ben Eslick - Bass, vox
Brennan Leeds - Guitar, vox
Zach Gray - Keys



all rights reserved


Couch Jackets Conway, Arkansas

sounds like an alligator's eating us


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Track Name: Camels
I bought me some camels but I couldn't smoke all of them, my friends are bums. :P
I bought me some candles because my room smells like shit, with the faint stench of fish in the stitch of my carpet.

Can you make yourself give a fuck?
Can you make yourself up?

You couldn't help it, you were a southern boy,
bred through and through by the waters of the Ouachita -
you spent enough time outside to have a perspective the stars could condone,
to each his own
collection of meaningless woe.

Oh no,
you don't have to know.
Track Name: Don't Think Just Breathe
Lying gets us nowhere, though we're all moving 'round the sun
If I take a little nap this way
it doesn't mean I'm not upfront
I'm just trying not to be obsessed with the idea of the life that I could have with you,
I'm just dying
to regress
as to simplify this mess I've made of what I do.

"Don't think just breathe
Don't think just breathe"

Lighting a burned bridge between me and the purpose I've made,
But in my~ smoky haze I've forgotten to replace it's arcade
Every game I've ever played engulfed by flame, left to fade.
No one's insane we're each of different makes which are arcane

"Don't think just breathe
Don't think just breathe”

"It's not set in stone,
let it go.”
Track Name: Feedle
sew on and so forth needle,
i can't help but be fetal
done tried to make things equal
we're still stuck being futile
weave it through the cathedrals,
"I am done being fetal."
but all will break the easel,
we're still stuck being futile
Track Name: Tony Hawk Christian Rock
You have kaleidoscope veins
Jagged blue lines on the boardwalk
Giddily, sweep me off my feet, I am incomplete, madly slinging twine

Lost like a toddler
Cradling arms
They kiss you and want you to sing
Cause you haven't waged any wars
Or offed your wings yet
Track Name: Loffy
I could never believe you
with my hands tied behind my back
when I'm slow to react
but my mind keeps going on and on..

I was waiting for the chance to meet you on a level ground.
Well, you told me you would be there,
as if I cared, (but I don't),
and you told me you were leaving,
but you weren't
you bitch :P

Well, you told me you would be there, then that you were leaving,
why are you such a hypocrite?

fuck yeah :) ~ FIN